Intercultural awarenes

Customized courses and workshops in intercultural awareness and business culture with focus on India and Sweden. Language skills are not enough to communicate successfully with your Indian colleagues and partners. To reach out with a message and to understand the counterpart requires knowledge of your own culture as well as the culture of your counterpart and how this affects values, business interaction, business culture and leadership. We develop a customized program according to your specific need where great emphasis is placed on practical training and real-life examples.

Cultural understanding is the key to success in business, in interaction between people and in communication between countries. Synergy Partner helps you to bridge the cultural gap between India and Sweden and gives you the right tools for a better understanding of the underlying factors of the society you encounter. We also provide valuable information about interacting with local staff, customers and distributors. We take you through the cultural differences and show you the ways it affects the business culture. We also help you to discover how we are governed by our own culture which opens up a more neutral stance for your counterpart. We also give advice on how marketing and products can be adapted to local conditions and preferences.

• Seminars, and workshops are customized in consultation with the client
• A need analysis is performed to ensure that the content is relevant to client's needs
• The sessions are also customized based on specific regions or locations in India.

Read more about the project HiLight™ India.


Introduction to India. The goal is to get a deeper insight into Indian society

• Key values in Indian Society
• What works and what does not work
• Meanings behind the customs and traditions
• Variations in India
• India Today
• India – truths and myths
• The Indian woman – a link between the traditional and modern India

Doing Business in India. We will help you understand:

• Motivation forces driving Indian companies and business leaders today
• How do we best interact on business and social level
• Communication style and body language
• Decision-making style
• The concept of time
• Challenges while doing business with India
• Practical advice for doing business with Indian counterparts
• 'The Indian way of doing it'

Expat preparation! Relocating to India/Sweden . This program is for those who will work in India for a longer time. You’ve packed for the trip, clothes, shoes and medicines … Is this sufficient for your stay? A lack of cultural awareness regarding the host country often leads to major cultural challenges both in and outside the office for you and your family. This program gives you an insight into:

• Work environment
• Lifestyle
• Communication style and body language
• Social systems
• Practical advices and tips
• Understanding Traditions and customs

Cultural workshops with focus on offshoring and outsourcing companies. This training prepares you for:

• Communication between providers and partners
• Knowledge transfer
• Group coordination
• Manage relationships
• Hierarchy
• The concept of time
• Creating trust and faith
• Feedback process

Synergy Partner also organizes lectures for individuals:.

• Are you going to India as an exchange student? We prepare you, both by giving you useful tips and information, and by reviewing how student life in general is in India as well as differences between a typical student in Sweden and in India.
• Are you planning to visit India and want to learn more about the cultures you will encounter? After attending a course, you will have better understanding of Indian culture which will enrich your experiences in India

Private Coaching Program:.In this program you are allowed to stay in contact with our Coach, whenever you need an extra support or answer to your questions and a listening ear. This program also provides virtual cultural coaching. These sessions will be with focus on specific challenges experienced while on assignment. The number of hours of virtual session is based on the specific requirements of the individuals.

Practical help and guidance to a prospective establishment in the Indian market.

Personal contacts is a key to success in India. Synergy Partner has for many years worked with export and import and currently operates as an agent for Swedish companies in India. Our Indian sister company has offices in Kolkata (Calcutta), Bangalore, Chennai (Madras) and Pune and through us, you get access to a well developed network that includes government, business and NGO’s in the Indian subcontinent. We also have knowledge and experience on how to target the BoP (Base of Pyramid) consumer group in India.

Our two main servcies

1. Consulting

We provide information and advice relating to India and trade with India. We also provide practical help related to import and export on the ground in India

• Do you want to analyze the potential for your business in India?
• Do you need help finding the right partner for your business in India?
• Do you need to know what laws and rules are affecting your business?
• Do you need help with customs clearance of the goods in India?
• Do you want to attend a trade fair in a particular industry?
• Are you interested to relocate production to India?
• Would you like to start importing from India or start exporting your products to India?
• Are you looking for a suitable agent, distributor or partner in India?
• Are you interested in outsourcing parts of your business to India

We have the network, experience and knowledge of the culture needed for a successful business venture with India

2. Export Agent

Today Synergy Partner works as an agent for Swedish products on the Indian market. We also possess valuable experience and knowledge of the challenges facing products that target the BoP (Base of Pyramid) market in India

We focus on helping small and medium sized companies