Ronia Virginia brings with her an experience in designing, developing and implementing corporate training programs in various parts of India. Growing up in different Indian states has helped her to gain deeper understanding of India. Experiencing Sweden for more than ten years and sharing experiences from both Swedish and Indian management working in different sectors in Sweden and also running her own business has helped her to have a better understanding of challenges faced while interacting with India and Sweden. Ronia has studied Cultures of Scandinavia at Södertörns Högskola to gain a deeper knowledge of the Swedish Culture. Ronia also conducts workshops and lectures together with well established Intercultural Specialist Karin Sharma.

Jenny Bisther has lived and worked internationally for many years, including three years in different parts of Asia. She has a broad experience of export and international trade in different sectors and products. Jenny has a Masters Degree in Business Administration as well as degrees in Export Management, Business Communication and Asian Studies.